STEM & Coding, 5 Fun Debugging Challenges For Scratch Jr

STEM & Coding, 5 Fun Debugging Challenges For Scratch Jr

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Perfect Digital Technologies/STEM Activity for the classroom, code club or homeschool.

Thank you so much for your interest in my Scratch Jr Debugging resource!

 Why is debugging a valuable learning activity?

Debugging fires up those computational thinking skills! 

 Students need to; 

  1. Identify the problem
  2. Locate the error 
  3. Create an innovative solution.

 As the “Paperless Educator” I have conducted coding workshops for home learners since 2014. This Scratch Jr debugging project has been thoroughly tested in a live workshop situation with children 7 -12 yrs, so you can be assured that they will gain real benefit from it and have fun.

 What You Will Need To Complete The Challenges:

To use this resource you will need to install the free Scratch Jr coding app on your IOS iPad/Phone device, Chromebook, Amazon Device or Android Tablet device. 

How To Use This Resource:

The debugging challenge images are presented within this PDF 

(There is no need to print the resource as the Debugging Challenges can be easily viewed via any PDF viewer). 

 Follow These Steps:

  1. Observe each challenge image carefully.
  2. Recreate the Scratch Jr programs shown in the image by copying the characters and the code. 
  3. Press the green play button to test the existing code and observe carefully what happens.
  4. Try to connect the code with the action that plays out on the screen
  5. Read the text on each image that outlines the problem you need to solve
  6. Debug or change the code to solve the problem that is presented.

 Hot Tip: Be prepared to arrive at the solution by a system of trial and error.

Eg: Tweak the code, press the green play button to test it, tweak it some more, test again, etc

 ✅Suitable for alignment with Australian Digital Technologies Curriculum

✅ACTDIP003 and