Why Digital Tools Rock!

Why I believe being introduced to creative digital tools is so important and the drive behind establishing Paperless Educator.

Computer Science and its unique language is the literacy of our children's time. It will shape their future opportunities in ways we are only beginning to fathom!

There is another equally important component that will determine our children's place in this high tech world...the ability to communicate their creative ideas and solutions and share them effectively within the digital realm. In order to achieve this, they will need to be proficient in the use of creative digital tools.

Learning these skills does not confine children to a career in animation, film or graphic design, but rather expands their opportunity, by introducing all the innovative skills that careers of the future will demand.

It is estimated that over 40 percent of future jobs will require the ability to understand code and also the ability to be actively creative and comfortable expressing and sharing original ideas.

Being able to creatively collaborate will be a vital skill as well as the ability to effectively organise and reflect. Practical skills such as breaking creative projects into smaller achievable steps will enable innovative solutions to become a reality.

When a child learns to express their original ideas or tell stories using creative digital tools, they are no longer passive consumers in the digital world merely watching or playing, they become creators well placed for future career opportunities!

That is my mission (and my passion) and why I work to create opportunities for children online.

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