Never Baking The Bread

Do your kids play with the dough but never bake the bread?
What I mean by that is; do they ever think of an idea, create it, finish it, and share it? After two years of live digital technology workshops, I have seen the power of that process.
It doesn't matter if it is drag and drop programming, a new art technique or a new video for their YouTube Channel, creating something out of nothing (not because they "have" to but because they "want" to) has so many positive effects on their confidence and approach to life.
If a parent says to me that their child is "over" drag and drop programming I always ask if they have finished any projects? Until they get to that stage they haven't even begun to discover its creative potential.
So how can you facilitate this process?
I make projects simple, structured, and achievable with lots of room for creative input and individual pizzazz.
It's all about the journey, building portfolios, and sharing their creations, not for praise but for genuine engagement.
That is one of the greatest gifts we can give.