Content Curation Is A Must Have Skill

I see content curation as one of the big skills!
Let's face it, we are overwhelmed with information and resources. If you are like me you probably have many groaning Pinterest boards, Pocket saves (with a suspect tagging system that you re-invent every time you save something!) Not to mention a computer hard drive, iCloud account, Dropbox and Google drive packed with thousands of pics and docs. 
All this digital "stuff" gets us so stuck and confused so I am going to share how I started to clear up this techy clutter!
I created a FREE Padlet account. (It's free, so this isn't an affiliate hard sell, keep reading...)
What is Padlet?
It is essentially a digital noticeboard that you can pin resources to. You can add audio files, video files, drawings, images, gifs, links, Google Docs, Powerpoints, etc, everything can be added to your boards.
What sets it apart from other content curation tools?
The export options! You can export these boards as a PDF to print (that is a game-changer for me right there). You can also export as an image, or share your work with others via a link You have the option to embed the boards into your own website or blog as well,  powerful stuff.
For the Overwhelmed
My suggestion is to create boards with clear themes and then start curating all your clutter by pinning only genuine 'must-have' content to your boards. Everything else should be deleted. If you want to back yourself up (in case Padlet suddenly disappears into cyberspace one day) create a folder on the cloud/external storage of your choice with ONLY the original files for each board.
For Home Educators
This is a great system to record your child's work for reporting time. You can make a board for each subject and pin or link to their best work to use as their required samples. When reporting time looms, you can export your boards as PDFs & print them ready to send.
Self Directed Learning:
​You can use your boards as highly effective learning tools. Planning projects and gathering resources to explore and use at a later date.
You have many different templates available to you that will help set up your board perfectly, depending on your project's needs. Eg: You could set up a video board with tutorials you wish to view, or collaborate with others on a board and allow them to leave comments, questions, and reactions to your content or plans.
An Introduction:
I have recorded these video tutorials to help you get started. It is a very intuitive interface though so feel free to skip them and just jump in and learn on the fly!